About Me

I’m indoors type of guy who has spent a great deal of time learning about and using computers. I think the first time used a computer was when I was about ten years old which was back in the 90s.

You see when I was little my mother took me to the local community college to take classes on computers. Computers weren’t the only classes that I took at the community college although it seemed like those were the classes that I really took shine to.

Fast forward a few years later in my life and I was wanting to install Linux and replace Microsoft Windows.

You see I used to go to computer fairs where they would show off lots of different types of software.

There I would always try to get a new version of Linux and figure out to set it up. If you don’t know what Linux is, it is essentially an operating system that most Web servers use instead of Microsoft windows. In 2010, I was finally able to achieve that goal which was a pretty big deal to me even although I have done lots of different things such as traveling.

In the late 90s I decided that college wasn’t right for me and took the action of joining the marine corps. You see as was kind of bored with how my live was going and one day while I was walking outside of the local sandwich shop, I encounter a van with two marine recruiters in it. They first asked me for directions to somewhere that I can’t even remember anymore. Then the asked me if I wanted to join and I thought to myself this was fate and decide that would join right then and there.

Joining allowed me to travel the world and visit the country of Brunei which is located in Southeast Asia. When I was there, I had the opportunity to go to the sultan’s private theme park. Yes there are some countries today that still have sultans.

The theme park was called during the Jerudong park which still don’t know how to pronounce. It’s kind of like Magic Mountain minus the long lines. There I found the McDonald’s was very fascinating, as it was unlike any in the states because they didn’t serve any beef.

While traveling was a lot of fun it didn’t feel as much as an accomplishment as setting up my own home computer with Linux.

That’s all of now…

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