Autoresponder PDF Delivery – A Quick And Dirty Solution.


I was helping my friend Chris with one his autoresponder problem. You see Chris runs a WordPress website that helps people make money with organic farming and he wants to give the people that sign-up to his newsletter a PDF document that helps them with organic farming.

The problem is that Chris doesn’t have an autoreponder PDF delivery service such as Amazon’s S3 service to actually deliver the document.

Since Chris uses shared hosting with Hostgator we are going to do is directly serve the file from their file system outside of WordPress. Please note that I have changed the actually names for security reasons.

So here is what we did to provide a quick and dirty solution for Chris PDF problem.

  • Step one: was to login to Chris’s Cpanel.


  • Step two: once we logged on to Chris’s Cpanel then we needed to go to the file manager. This is found under the files grouping on your Cpanel. It is usually about midway on the page.


  • Step three: After we opened of the file manager next was to go to the public_html folder. Once there we looked for his website ( So for you it would be something like your If you can’t find your site here then your site is most likely served for the public_html directory. So you can just do the next step in the public_html directory.


  • Step four: next we had to create the directory for which the PDF document from which his prospects could download the pdf document. So we created are a folder called pdf-docs. You can create the folder by clicking on the new folder icon on the top left.


  • Step five: Now all we needed to do was to upload the file in that directory. Although there was a problem with the file as it had spaces in it. So we quickly replaced all of the spaces with dashes. You don’t want spaces because webservers have trouble with space. Although you still can use spaces by escaping them(that what’s when you see all the funky percent signs in the url) it just best to avoid spaces. You can upload a file by first clicking on the pdf-docs directory and then clicking on the upload butto


  • Step six: Now we had to test out the link to see if it works. We went to to check to see if it loads. Yay it loaded on the first try for us. If didn’t load for you check the spelling again and check for capitalize as capitalization counts! If it still doesn’t work have someone else check the spelling and capitalization, you don’t know how many hours of frustration I have had because of this, so do yourself favor and really pay close attention to this.


  • Step seven: Now all he has to do is copy the url into his autoresponder. All done!


Now I just want you to know that this is not the best method to deliver a PDF document, but is a very easy and inexpensive solution to deliver your PDF documents. Better solutions allow you to track the amount of people that actually download your document.

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  1. Great Information David! Thank you for the tips very helpful!

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