WordPress Custom Homepage Widgets – Thesis

Yesterday was an interesting day. In which I learned how to localize a wordpress widget to single page. The widgets that I wanted to create were for the homepage of a blog. So get the desired effect I used the is_front_page() wordpress function inside of the widget. Also it is important to note that is specifically used on thesis, so if you want to use it with a different theme you have to change out the action hooks. [Read more…]

Membership Software Review for Internet Marketers

Finding the right membership software can be a real pain, so I created a membership software mindmap . Just as a side note most of my experience has been with using Digital Access Pass(DAP) and S2member. Although I have used the premise membership software a little bit.


This is a mindmap for this article, you can download it by clicking on the image.

Why you would want membership software

There are many reasons that people use membership software, although this article will assume that you are an internet marketer using WordPress to make a profit from your website. Facebook is also a membership site, but it is nothing like what we will be building here. [Read more…]

Thinking About Creating Custom WordPress Theme

Today I was thinking about creating my very own WordPress theme. I think I would be great for learning about the internals of WordPress. Currently I am reading the book Smashing WordPress by Thord Daniel Hedenengreen

While I haven’t gotten to the actually theming part, I learned a great tip which was that I can use Amazon’s S3 service to backup the pictures files in my WordPress install. Also he mentions an automated plugin that can backup the WordPress database and then send you back by email.

Pretty Cool.