Changing the Color Of Your WordPress Tagline

Yesterday, my good friend Bill called and asked for some help with his WordPress blog. You see, Bill wanted to change the color of his tagline but after a half an hour of frustration decided to give me a call on Skype.

So I informed him that every WordPress theme changes its colors differently, which can be a real pain. So after looking through the WordPress interface for about 5 minutes,  we decided that we would have to go into the code of WordPress. Well not really it, as was just the style page of his WordPress theme.

So here are the steps that we followed to fix the problem.

  • We started up Teamviewer should I could work remotely from his computer. Two heads are better than one you know.
  • We opened up his website: and viewed the source code of his homepage.
  • We then looked for the words that he wanted to change the color of, which in his case this was the words “MAKER MOVEMENT PROJECTS”.
  • The first one we found was in the title tag which wasn’t the one we were looking for, although the next entry was the one we wanted.
  • After finding it we looked at the div tag that was right above it and wrote down its id which happened to #tag.
  • Now that we had this information, we could back in the style.css page of WordPress and make the changes that we needed. Also In additional I was able to change the size and position of tagline as well, which made him really happy in the end.

This was exactly what Bill wanted and he was excited about it. Also it made me feel great as it always good to help a good friend.

Above is the after picture, I wish I taken a before picture although sometimes you just want to get in there, make changes, and make things look great.

– David


  1. Great Article David! I will definitly call you in the future as you know what you are talking about, but even better, implement it!

  2. David,

    I just wanted express my deep appreciation for your help and friendship.You are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration and never hesitate to roll up your sleeve and get your hands dirty. Your knowledge of HTML coding, and WordPress have bailed me out more than once. What I find specially unique about you is that you are always looking for the “Teachable Moment” to pass your knowledge on. This article is a great example of that passion.

    Thanks again.

    Bill Griggs

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