WordPress Custom Homepage Widgets – Thesis

Yesterday was an interesting day. In which I learned how to localize a wordpress widget to single page. The widgets that I wanted to create were for the homepage of a blog. So get the desired effect I used the is_front_page() wordpress function inside of the widget. Also it is important to note that is specifically used on thesis, so if you want to use it with a different theme you have to change out the action hooks.

/* add register the widget */

register_sidebar( array(

‘id’ => ‘homepage-widget’,

‘name’ => __( ‘home page widget’, ‘thesis’ ),

‘description’ => __( ‘This is the Homepage Widget.’, ‘thesis’ ),

‘before_widget’ => ”,

‘after_widget’ => ”,

‘before_title’ =>'<h3 class=”widgettitle”>’,

‘after_title’ =>'</h3>’,

) );

/* call the widget to homepage */

function homepage_widget() { if(is_front_page()) { ?>

<div class=”clearfix”>

<?php if ( !function_exists( ‘dynamic_sidebar’ ) || !dynamic_sidebar( ‘homepage-widget’ ) ){ ?><?php } ?>


<?php } }

add_action(‘thesis_hook_before_html’, ‘homepage_widget’);

While this code does work, I am unsure if this is the best way to go about coding custom widgets for the homepage. Some part of me thinks that the best way to go about would be to create a custom page template and then call the widgets via that template.

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